Down the Unintentional Rabbit Hole at Skyhold

Jan 9, 2015 by

Skyhold mystery object

March Hare meets Mad Hatter in some horrible melding accident in the bowels of Skyhold.

In my last session of Dragon Age: Inquisition, something odd happened. It’s a game bug I’ve seen many times before, but every time it happens, there’s a twinge of excitement in being lost in a hidden place. It’s a bit of Alice falling down the rabbit hole. As an explorer, that’s always going to appeal to my innate curiosity, the desire to look behind, to see the bones, the forbidden. I opened the door at Skyhold leading to Solas and suddenly, the whole thing broke, I saw sky, and tumbled right through the floor.

Pieces of Skyhold were around me, though technically above, with NPCs floating, going about their scripted business. I imagined what it might be like to genuinely be trapped in that spot with full vision of the others around, oblivious to your plight. I laughed at my predicament, since it was a peek into the weird. I turned around, and in the corner, spotted something strange in the otherwise empty area where I found myself. The rabbit hole and Alice thoughts were accurate since this strange item in the corner looked like The March Hare borrowed the Mad Hatter’s hat. Nothing like it exists in the real, complete, Skyhold. Unfortunately, I could not get close to this oddity, since when I tried to draw nearer, it disappeared. When I finally reached the spot where it was, a tune that sounded like a music box began to play. This music can still be heard by the entryway, but fades in and out if I move too far away, just like in the bugged out space between.

Fell through the floor at Skyhold

I managed to get myself back into the game properly by diving off the open side and freezing in place before being left in a hallway that appeared inaccessible from anywhere else. I could select one door that said “Main Hall”, and I was transported, after a loading screen, to the throne.

I’m left wondering if Solas had brought me back to the Fade for a few minutes.

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