Welcome to Explorer Type. Why Explorer Type? It’s where I fall on the Bartle Test, for the most part. I’m also a socializer, but the true heart for me is in exploration. That’s true for many things, as two things I can always rely on are an insatiable curiosity and delight in discovering new things. These traits have turned me into the writer that I am today, and they’ve also affected how I approach games. I love games for sheer fun, for learning, for empathizing, for analyzing, for flipping on their heads and questioning. They’re beyond the toys many assumed they were back when I first got hold of a controller as a toddler. I play anything that catches my interest, in any genre, but I am particularly fond of RPGs (as you might have guessed).

I’ve decided to refer to this site as “A Gaming (and reading!) Life” (Update for 2016 – This site is now dedicated to both gaming and reading) because I’ve been exploring books and games since my earliest days. These two activities share much in common, including the ability to let us explore new worlds, civilizations, ways of life, and people.   What’s this all about, then? One woman’s musings, journeys, lessons, leisure, curiosity, and enjoyment along the way.

Your resident explorer,