Some Heartbreak is Inevitable

Dec 22, 2014 by

Animal Crossing: New Leaf screenthos, featuring my villager with Apple, a hamster.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf screenshot, featuring my mayor with Apple, a hamster.

After playing almost daily for 18 months, sometime around six weeks ago, I said what have unexpectedly become the last things said to my villagers. You see, I haven’t played Animal Crossing: New Leaf in a while and I know that some heartbreak is inevitable. It’s a strong word, but in a game so dependent upon relationships, those pixels find ways to embed themselves in you.

I’m not sure why the pause that became a much longer break. I really enjoy visiting and talking to all my villagers and fought to keep as few of them as possible from leaving town. Once in a while one would slip through my protective grasp, never to return. Most of my town is made up of original villagers from my starting group, or was – I’m not quite sure who remains now. I’ve nearly turned on the 3DS more than once to peek in there and find out whose farewell letter might be at this moment gathering dust in my yet unfinished house’s mailbox. Perhaps more than one? As I prepare to do that very thing, restore power to the vessel, the impartial device, and give myself over to the loss of power that even a mayor can’t retain. Villagers, I’m coming back. I wonder if I hope things will be the same.

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