A Few Random E3 Thoughts

Jun 10, 2014 by


Yesterday, while in the shower, I got to thinking about games and said to myself “I wish Disney would let Tim Schaefer have the rights to re-release Grim Fandango so I can have the chance to play it.” Then, while watching Sony’s E3 press conference stream, I admit my eyes widened at the news that that re-release is a go. I wish that weren’t a mere coincidence and were, instead, a superpower I had. Think to myself, “I really want someone to give me a new car so I can drive it,” then wait for the evening to find a shiny new vehicle.

Still a very pleasant gaming surprise and I look forward to finally getting the chance to sit down and play it.

The best part of watching the stream was watching it with my boyfriend, because even when something is less than interesting or starts to drag, his humor is a real gift.

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